I Want Toilet!!!!!!
Xbox One

《I Want Toilet》is a funny physical adventure game,Through the cumbersome and complex operation control the character to reach the end,
During the hardships and pains will make you have a little bit of resonance。Waving arms, forced kicks, and even with the fart driving force all the way forward,
Across the lethal canyons, flying over the rotation of the mallet, in the factory chain between the swing to swing。Only to reach the end of the toilet.

The characteristics of the game

  • Two character : "LiHua" and "HanMeiMei"
  • Operation is very difficult, rare will make you doubt life, not only that, there are strange judgments, it is difficult to do so to control, do not pay attention to game will be caught in the malicious of marker group. So you need to constantly try again and again.
  • A lot of control buttons, almost every movement of the body need to personally.
  • Bright blind dog eye spray effects and spray feces effects
  • Waste your rest and free time

2017 worst game! Missed wait for one more year!