I will eat you
Xbox One

I will eat you is a game that will awaken your childhood emotions. Live moments of fun and joyful bustle, running away from wild animals. Hide, run away from your friend that became a wild animal wishing to eat you up. Get into this dynamic adventure with your friends. Here you will need all your skill and ingenuity not to be eaten. Show what you are capable of, confuse the wild animal and stay alive! But whatever you do, DO NOT ENTER THE DEN OF THE BEAST!

  • Team up to escape from the friend who has become a beast!
  • Hide, run away, use the environment, distract the beast with a third-person view.
  • Explore atmospheric locations with environment worked out in details.
  • Reveal the location of other players or help them to escape from the predator.
  • Compete: search for the safest places, using workarounds and acquired skills to stay last survived.
  • Raise your level and open more characters!
  • Earn rare achievements in the game!