Idol Quest VR | Xbox One

Idol Quest VR
Xbox One

Idol Quest VR is a single-player exploration-adventure shooter with a simple premise: Discover the lost idol. To do so you will need to solve puzzles and avoid or defend yourself against dangerous wildlife and other perils in large, open environments.

Both natural (arm-swing plus head-bob) and artificial locomotion play styles are supported, and you are free to run, swim, and climb as you please. You are supplied with a knife, a backpack (for storing various pickupables), a pistol, 61 rounds of pistol ammo, a pump-action shotgun, and 18 rounds of shotgun ammo; all weapons handling is detailed and takes full advantage of vr motion controllers.

Each level has its secrets, including four randomly placed crystals. Will you discover them all? Will you survive to find the idol?