Impetum Barbarorum | Xbox One

Impetum Barbarorum
Xbox One

In the 5th century AD, the Western Roman Empire is on its knees. The Huns have arrived, and have threatened the safety of the Empire, and of various Germanic tribes, who were forced to trespass on Roman soil, and later invade it to form the various kingdoms that shaped Europe as we know it today.

In Impetum Barbarorum, you play as one of those tribes, and you must loot and pillage Roman cities in order to obtain riches and supplies for your army, but be wary, the Huns are always on your tail.


Left Click : Box Select your soldiers

Right Click : Move or Pillage (if enought soldiers is near a house)

W,A,S,D: Move Camera

Space: Switch mode of selected soldiers (Fight/Carry)

(A soldier in carry mode can't attack!)

When you have enought loot, go to the grays zones on the edges of the map and press Enter to flee! (If the Huns arrives FLEE!!!)

"One of the best Strategy games ever created" - Caberu, main developer and graphics designer

"The maps are so well made, it's incredible" - Gogani, map creator and researcher

Game Design : Caberu, Gogani

Music : Sir Aragar

Art : Caberu

Coding : Caberu

Map Design : Gogani

Historical research : Gogani

(This game was created for the Historically Accurate Game Jam)