In The Age of Sound | Xbox 360

In The Age of Sound
Xbox 360

RKO's King Kong. 

20th Century Fox's Casablanca. 

The lavish, Godless works of Cecil B. DeMille.

Welcome to The Age Of Sound.  

You are Alexei McMartin, the protege of famous director Mack Sennett, and you are striking out on your own as a director. Will you create a masterpiece, or a major flop? 


This is a simple little Twine game that I created for my class to test their reading comprehension/retention skills on a section of our textbook, "A History of Narrative Film." It's not too intensive and there aren't a lot of ways to lose, but if you want to learn a little bit about film history, this could help you. 


Images are NOT my own and are courtesy of their websites. 

The story itself as well as the coding is my own.