IncuRaptor | Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Welcome to IncuRaptor, the world's first (and only) producer of DIY prehistoric pet kits!

At IncuRaptor, we understand that everyone wants a pet dinosaur, but not all can afford to have one painstakingly reconstructed from ancient DNA.

That's where we come in. Extracting randomized fragments of DNA from prehistoric creatures, our units are programmed to splice them into the genome of a modern creature of your choice to be hatched at home while you wait! Therefore, not only will your creations look like bona fide dinosaurs without the high price tag, they'll also be the ultimate in unique designer pets.

Sound like science fiction? We guarantee that it's not. Read through the thousands of reviews from happy customers on our site, or contact our customer support team if you have any further queries.

So what are you waiting for? Transfer $99.95 (+ postage and handling) and we'll have an IncuRaptor to your door before you know it. Happy hatching!

Author's note: This is a short game for the bitsy egg jam. There are currently 6 possible endings. If you run across any glitches or bugs, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks for playing :)

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