InLook Certitude - DEMO | Xbox One

InLook Certitude - DEMO
Xbox One

This is a solo passion project, and I've put together most everything myself including music, enemy design + stats, designing the environments and battle systems, even down to the little animated cursor. It is very, very much still a work in progress, currently about 13% complete (that's a strangely specific number...?). My aim first and foremost is to complete the "Main Storyline" dungeons and scenarios so that the story is whole and complete, with potential extra content to follow.
Thank you so much for your interest!!

"Z" is confirm; "X" is cancel/menu; "Shift" to run
(Note that menu is disabled at the very start - player is notified when it is available!)

Other credits
Moogle_X, Yanfly, and Galv for their super rad plugins!
Brandon Schoepf for his neato font (November)