Insanity (Cochicken) | Xbox One

Insanity (Cochicken)
Xbox One

A game where you play as a man lost in another dimension, a dimension of insanity. Jump over the Monsters and collect the oh so precious The Canisters of Anti-Nightmare Fuel. Last as long as you can in this endless-survival game.

Please Note! The game starts as soon as it is loaded, so heads up! Also, The Canisters of Anti-Nightmare Fuel are the small white capsules, the Monsters are the brown spheres that head towards you.

Just wanted to credit the asset and sound creators that's assets were used in this project:

Farland Skies by Borodar

Create With Code by Unity Education

Pixel Cube World Atlantas by A3D

Sounds by felixyadomi, BehanSean, Unity Education and Others.