Interstellar Orphan | Xbox 360

Interstellar Orphan
Xbox 360

Akuji, a rogue planet, is in search of a solar system to call home. 

Can you locate a sun by traveling through deep space via Black Hole Express?


  • Movement—WASD and Arrow keys to move up/left/down/right. QEZX to move diagonal. Mouse-click will also move.
  • Select—Enter or left-click.
  • Cancel—Escape or right-click.
  • Credits—C.
  • Auto-move—T.


  • Touch interstellar objects to interact with them.
  • Save at moons.
  • Absorb weaker asteroids to heal. Level up by fighting asteroids and strangelets. Will you try to defeat the Strange Planet?
  • Find Philosopher Jones for an additional level-up.
  • Three endings—discover them all!