Into A Dream (itch) | Xbox One

Into A Dream (itch)
Xbox One

INTO A DREAM is a  2D adventure, focused on narrative, characters and exploration. You play as John Stevens, who wakes up inside the mind / dreams of a man who is suffering from depression, Luke Williams, and is told that he was sent there to find him, understand his story, and help him to take the first step out to treatment.

You will help John dig through Luke's dreams non-linearly, past and future, where memories are mixed with fantasy and symbolism, meet his close family and friends and unfold the heartbreaking, powerful and emotional journey of his life.

You're his last hope.

Although not with a definite date yet, the game is schedule to release in Q2 of 2020 and it's already in the latest stages of development! If you want to be up to date please follow on Twitter ( or Discord (!

 A demo version of the demo is coming soon to this very page and a Steam page is also being set up for wishlisting, so follow the game here as well! 

Have a great day and thank you for your support! :)