iProc | Xbox One

Xbox One

I feel like procrastination is something of a really big deal nowadays. I personally experienced it for years.

I heard about this way to put your head back to work: you simply put 100 marbles into the jar, then if you're struggling to decide if you should work or not, you pull out one marble with your eyes closed. 

If you pull out a blue one (of 90) you will have to continue/start working now, but if you pull out a red one (of 10), you can reward yourself with something.

This app is designed for those who can't or doesn't have the jar and any marbles.

It looks insanely simple, but after I tried it, it gave me some results almost immediately (I completed this app, even though it's been only two days after I learnt about the thing). Maybe it will help you too!

Feel free to input your own ways of rewarding yourself (simply change text.ini file, instruction is included). Roman alphabet only (I plan to add wider font, but only if you'd like me to).