Isometric RPG Core System | Xbox One

Isometric RPG Core System
Xbox One

This is a core concept that I have created for an isometric RPG that functions closely to Final Fantasy 6. You can move around the world, going to both of the two maps by walking into the brown block on either sides of the map, that features separate regions marked on the map that spawn a mix of different enemy types. Use your attacks or spells by clicking on the buttons to defeat said enemies, or walk inside the town on the first map and see a different perspective and look around. When you're ready, face the final boss in the 2nd map and save the village! 

Known bugs: 

sometimes the character animation will play for the wrong character whom is attacking.

the battle rate will sometimes be very high, it's suggested to restart the client if you're having trouble getting around.

NOTE: This is just a small concept that I had worked on to understand state machines/stats for enemies and players/region data. This is by no means a finished project.