IT201 Sprint 4 Shivam Desai | Xbox 360

IT201 Sprint 4 Shivam Desai
Xbox 360

The final release of all sprints! This game will allow you to draw, change shapes, erase, change colors, as well as let you change your background based on the time of day and allow you to let your imagination run free! The UI has been updated as well added functions!

Left click and drag to draw

Right Click and drag to erase

Press the AM/PM button on the clock to change the time of day

Use the sliders to change colors of your drawing

Press clear to delete your drawing

Type changes the shape of the drawn image

Animation Changes the way your image moves

The random in each section chceckbox allows you to randomizes the features for drawing

Use the HIDE button to hide the UI to the side

This sprint is updated from the previous 3 with the following fixes:

Issue 1- change worked on shapes not prefabs

Fix 1- added features to prefabs as well as regular shapes (figure 1)

Issue 2- only new shapes were changed

Fix 2- changed code to allow current as well as previous shapes to be changed when options and sliders changed (figure 2)

Issue 3/4- UI covered when drawing

Fix 3- Fixed code so painting will be behind UI and not on top (figure 4)

Fix 4- Added hide button to hide UI when clicked (figure 4)

Issue 5- issues with messy code

Fix 5-Condensed animation and shape change into 1 code (figure 5)