It's tough to be a Minotaur | Xbox 360

It's tough to be a Minotaur
Xbox 360


Move: arrows or Wsad

Attack: Left mouse button

Created for Wowie Jam 2.0! - "Intentional bugs"


Game by Maciej Adrian

Story by Maciej Adrian and Kamil Kiesiewicz

Additional artwork Kamil Kiesiewicz

Character sprites: Elthen

Castle Sprites: Hapiel

village sprites: Paulina Riva

Starting screen : ansimuz

Dark Lord Sprites: Stephen Challener

Music: "Dark Amulet" and "Enchanted Festival" by Matthew Pablo

villager attack sounds: remaxim

Scream sounds:

Helmut Scream

1, 2

3 - 7
human male scream multi

Minotaur Sounds: Brandon Morris