Joe Danger 2: The Movie | PS Vita

Joe Danger 2: The Movie
PS Vita

Continuation of the game "Joe Danger". The protagonist is the world's most determined stuntman, moved to Hollywood to take part in the making of the greatest action film ever made.

"Joe Danger 2 The Movie" allows the player to become the protagonist of the most intense moments of the action movie, to perform many stunts - in fact, the whole game and there is a continuum of stunts, from skiing to flying jetpack and destroying bad guys armed with lasers. There are water skiing, extreme cycling, sky-diving and even adventures in the jungle with dinosaurs and in deep mines.

The execution of stunts is a deadly profession, and this fully applies to the hero of the game. He risks his life every second.

The game has a hundred levels, you can also create your own levels and play with your friends in multiplayer mode.