JoggerKnight | Xbox One

Xbox One

For the most accurate Nokia 3310 experience, play the Windows version. The web version has some issues and refuses to stay monophonic.

JoggerKnight is a short and sweet adventure that can be played with only one button.  Roused from his sweet slumber in the earth, our hero is given flesh once more to complete a special task. Only once his mission is complete can he return to his cozy home 6 feet under. He will be brought back as many times as it takes for him to succeed. Only once he achieves his goal can he be laid back to rest.

Once the JoggerKnight (named for his brisk pace) runs out of health, he will die. This isn't an issue for him, and he can keep on jogging as long as his skeleton is intact! In fact, he's actually faster without any flesh and blood weighing him down. He will jog and swing his sword faster while in his undead form, but will be smashed to pieces in one hit without the protection of his skin. Tread carefully!