Just Nakano Yurika Edition | Xbox One

Just Nakano Yurika Edition
Xbox One

This game a bit based on Monika After Story and Just Yuri game, but with other addition....

(No there is no characters folder unlike DDLC hahaha... So basically you can't delete Nakano Yurika except deleting the game itself.)

A note declaimer Nakano Yurika is made in 22nd October 2015 by me (Scout25/Xx-xElizax-xX/RachFitz):  Check here if you want to see! While the game of Yandere: Past Diary was released at 2016.... Which before Doki Doki Literature Club, but after Yandere Simulator... But yeah... It's kinda based on it as you can see... Nakano Yurika is from Yandere: Past Diary game, but more edited  ofc....


Yousei Teikoku - Kuusou Mesorogiwi (Mirai Nikki/Future Diary opening) (For Music)

LOLO - Hit And Run (For Music)

Dan Salvato (Team Salvato)  -  (DDLC/Doki Doki Literature Club) Just Monika (For Music)

ILLUSION - Honey Select (For perfect 3D game ofc...)

SNOOLEY - For background map stage

Roy12 - For perfect face design of Nakano Yurika ofc ahaha...

Linds For Eyes textures.....

Bethesda (For Circlet)

Bluehole Studio (For Hair model)

Maoudamashii (For Music)

Kevin Macleod (For Music)

Thanks to Monika After Story Dev for source codes...

Bandai Namco Entertainment (Just in case of the source of face model...)

Laura Bailey For voice clips (Well it's kinda hidden ofc)

Renpy (Engine)

Get Nakano Yurika character card here: MediaFire

Possible note....

Treat her nice.... If you don't... You know what would happen.... Her suicide!

(This game is not made for children! This game is for 18+ people!)

Contact to me here if you are having a problem: 

[email protected]