Keep repairing and nobody sinks | Xbox One

Keep repairing and nobody sinks
Xbox One

A game about fixing a sinking ship while pirates are boarding and destroying it.

  • Fix holes in the floor by throwing planks at them.
  • Toss a cannonball to the cannon guy to shoot back at the pirates.
  • Don't let the water level get too high on the lower deck, use your bucket to pick up the water and empty it on the upper deck at the railing.
  • You can pick up cannonballs and planks from their relative piles.

Your throwing direction is determined by your last running direction.


WASD / arrows - movement
F - pick up/throw objects, pick up water in the bucket


Catter (jumbocubee) - Art
Grzybojad, Bionicl, matyjb - Programming
Sepci0 - Music and sound effects

GGJ submission