King's Ghost | Xbox One

King's Ghost
Xbox One

This game is a bachelor project based on the thesis "Interplay between the Player, Avatar and NPC".  A role-play-game that’ll bring you closer to the characters you meet and Play.                   

The King of Ravi meets a terrible fate by losing his body to an evil magician. He helplessly watches as all of his servants are cursed and turn against him… except two. Choose between the unique experiences of either playing as the funny harlequin or the strong knight and regain your body and Castle!

This project was created  at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and supervised by:

Prof. Sebastian Stam

Prof. Eric Jannot

Made by:

Katarina Mitrovic:  Narrative,  Game Design,  Art,  Animation .

Viviane Friedländer: Programming, Music, Narrative, Dialogue.

Software used: Unity, Maya, Substance Painter, Adventure Creator, Source Tree, Magix Music Maker.