Kish & Mate | Xbox One

Kish & Mate
Xbox One

The story is that one day, Sheytan, told to his godchild, the Eblis, we must conquer all Treasures of Aria castles.

There is so much power that lies in them that if we restrain them we will become the kings of the world!
Summary eblis goes to find treasures and after 1987 years, find the first castle. the guard of the castle is Takhtenard,
and he needs your help to defend from the thrones of Aria!

-collect coins to upgrade reload speed, damage or purchase special powers.
-destroy your enemies to increase your score & vanquishes.
-meet with many enemies each of them has a special power.
-collect shields & hearts to easier playing.
-don't let enemies pass form you!
-you must collect all trophies of each level to going next level
1 for certain Health.
1 for a certain Score.
1 for certain Vanquishes.
and 1 for certain Coins collected.

Game Specifications:

-more than 1-day gameplay!
-battle in 60 levels!
-20 unique minigames!
-20 different challenges!
-more than 70 different enemies!
-fight in 6 several battlefields!
-3 great bosses!
-different & beautiful and cozy locations!
-2 sweet animations 20s cartoons style!
-secrets! ???

Studying Specifications:

-4 stories of all kings
-3 stories of all bosses
-more than 70 stories of all enemies