Land Of Sorrow | Xbox One

Land Of Sorrow
Xbox One

Made with RPG Maker MV.

Disclaimer: This game is just me playing around with RPG Maker's system. It is never intended to be a serious game, nor do I intend for this to make a name for itself. I just require feedback for my writing above all else, as that means alot to me.

Credits: This uses majority of RPG Maker's default assets, as well as sprites from Hiddenone and Yanfly's animated sideview battler and quest log plugins!

Progress: Currently, Chapters 1 and 2 are complete and chapter 3 is halfway finished. I will update this page as it progresses further. Just simply copy paste your save file into the new copy when it is ready. Thanks!

Plot: Brent wakes up as a soldier to the Kingdom of Baelstrom, to serve the crown as a swordsman who supports his fellow men. He uses this chance to investigate and avenge the fall of his father Brendan and his old kingdom. However, in his journey, he learns that there is a deeper threat that awaits humanity's destruction...