Launch Rocket | Xbox One

Launch Rocket
Xbox One

Ready, Set, Launch!

A game I made in 1 week, for a series of weekly game challenges. 

Weekly Challenge: Unity Physics.

Game Summary:
Launch your Rocket as far as it will go. Avoid obstacles, and bounce off platforms, and upgrade your slingshot to go further.

Game Outline:
Setting: A slingshot, a Rocket , and the open world. Classic launch game with a twist. This will be 3d, going down on the Z axis, instead of merely X and Y.
Goals: Throw the Rocket as far as possible.
Progression: The further the Rocket goes, the more money wil be made. 
Movement: Drag down to fire slingshot
Physics will be utilized with gravity, and with the bounciness of the platforms and character. Obstacles will also affect the velocity of the Rocket in negative ways.