Leave me alone (itch) (agt_smith, TheWillOfPain) | Xbox One

Leave me alone (itch) (agt_smith, TheWillOfPain)
Xbox One

Please run full screen on Browser.
Game will launch directly

Click: To move
Space: to center cam
Edge of screen scrolls cam
1 2 & 3: spells
(will be cast as far as it's current range can toward Mouse position)

A HUD will pop when you're HP are low. You can then level up your skills.
each enemy will give 1xp, 2xp are needed to level up a spell
Press Enter when you're done leveling up your skills.

You can reach the low HP only twice!

goal is to stay alive as long as possible

Andy L., Eliott S., Guilhem S.,Radhoin H.