Legend of Dungeon: Masters

You are the Master of this legendary dungeon! Well.. one of them at least!

Legend of Dungeon Masters lets you toy with people streaming Legend of Dungeon. Help your friends and favorite streamers on their quest for treasure, and send them mighty swords, potions, and bazookas... or don’t! Rally the other viewers and laugh evilly as you rain hell upon them with beasts, kittens, and demons.

Help or hinder, it’s entirely up to you!
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This is a new kind of online multiplayer experience that you can play with a few close friends, or a whole livestream audience!-Features-
  • Plot and discuss all you want with in stream chat
  • Symbiotic reward system.Whether you’re beneficial to the host or a parasite is up to you.
  • Persistent inventory, items in your inventory are useable in any livestream.
  • Free to play, with only slightly evil monetization (very roughly implemented in beta please think of this primarily as supporting development!)
  • A new kind of asymmetric multiplayer experience when you live stream LoD.
  • Short messages can be attached to “gifts” sent in.