Legions of Tyrandel
Xbox One

LEGIONS OF TYRANDELWar has broken out in Tyrandel! Primeval crystals have emerged, bringing with them the promise of power to those who control them. The once peaceful factions now muster their armies and march to war. Legions of Tyrandel is a competitive strategy game designed for two players. Choose from 8 unique commanders to lead your army to victory on the battlefield. In this hybrid between a card game and a turn based strategy game, the cards in your deck become the units under your direct command.PLAN:Build your deck from over 150 unique cards, all of which are available right from the start.CONTROL:Carefully maneuver your cards to capture the objectives and gain control over the battlefield.CONQUER:Push your way past your opponent's defences to claim victory for your army!SOLVE:Hone your combat skills offline by completing 20 unique logic puzzles

Legions of Tyrandel features online multiplayer, hotseat play and VS CPU game modes.