Let's save the planet | Xbox One

Let's save the planet
Xbox One

Made during the Global Game Jam 2020 - GGJ Entry

LET’S SAVE THE PLANET is a game about saving the world from human induced climate change. Last year this topic has come to the media spotlight; however, it still seems as if the majority is still taking no action to fix this. Do we need the majority or is just one person enough to make a change?

In this game, carbon dioxide is created from coal burning power plants. Left unchecked, it harms the environment by dissipating into the atmosphere and increasing the atmosphere’s average temperature. Let too much carbon dioxide dissipate, the temperature will reach the limit of 1.5 C and you will lose the game. The only way to stop this, is by taking the carbon dioxide to nearby trees before they dissipate into the atmosphere. Through photosynthesis trees reproduce carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is significantly less harmful to the environment. Life isn’t this easy, so the game shouldn’t be either. There are villains running around the game, cutting down trees. You can’t stop them, but you can shoo them away when they are cutting down a tree. Beware, the number of Villains increases over time.