Leximan | Xbox One

Xbox One

Leximan the Leximancer in the Dungeon of Despair and Doom.

Leximan is but a humble leximancer - a word wizard, of sorts. His adventures have taken him far and wide, and his words have served him well. This time, however, his prized spell-book has been torn to shreds by terrible creatures. Without his lexicon to keep his spells in order, his magic has become wild and unpredictable.

Can you guide Leximan safely to the restoration of his Lexicon?

Drag two incomplete runes into the speech zone and press 'Cast' to watch the magic unfold!

There are many ways to complete your adventure safely, and unsafely, so feel free to return to the start and begin Leximan's adventure a second, third, or even a fourth time!

Made in 48 hours by Knights of Borria for Global Game Jam 2020, with minor changes and fixes.

Max Amaden   |   Chris Jones   |   Jake Whittaker

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