Liar Liar 2 Demo
Xbox One

Hey y'all, the demo's out, new and brand spankin' new Liar Liar 2 completely remastered, new sprites, backgrounds, story lines and I have a real special treat that I've been keeping under wraps, Guest CGs for all your favorite original bad ends with gorgeous, beautiful work from Riel [tumblr] [twitter] , Onco [DA], Hope [tumblr], and Kim [tumblr] [twitter] [] !!! Get all the bad endings to see them all ;-)

I have some real good stuff waiting in there for you, as it is the demo and not the complete version there are bound to be bugs and unfinished end cards :-( but hopefully that will all be worked out by October! I'm excited to see you then!


The game continues one year after the game left off, Yukari and Miho are now high schoolers, who are now dating and spend their leisure time together holding hands, kissing, and murdering the occasional boy or two. On one day just like any other, a new transfer student arrives to Yukari's school. It's Koshi Tanaka! But wasn't he dead? Apparently not. The goal of the game is to figure out the mysterious circumstances of Tanaka's revival and most importantly, staying alive.

Trigger Warnings: Blood and Gore (an example of one depicted above), Violence (a majority of it is implied, but include, forced amputation, implied torture, throat slashing, and stabbing) mentions of stalking, eye strain (like the first game it is fairly bright), sudden noises and the screen shakes occasionally