Linmas Simulator | Xbox One

Linmas Simulator
Xbox One

how to play :

1. press space to continue

2. buy character by press S (shop), and press number of character you want to buy (default = linmas, because its free )

3. open inventory by press I, and press number of character you want to use

4. if you press P, you will see all of enemy that you have to capture, each enemy that have been captured will give you opo (money in game) to buy character that is stronger

5. press enter to start game

6. in step 1, you have to walk around a map to found a enemy, by A,S,W,D and SPACE

7. step 2, when you found a enemy, you will be in battle scene which you must defeat the enemy. 

this game unable to save your progress, so if you exit the game, you will be lose all progress

6. have fun :)

credit : 

Gum : Leader, Artist
Iqbal : Gameplay Programmer, Voice Actor
Eric : UI Game Artist, Composer
Dzul : Gameplay Programmer,
Emil : UI Programmer
Grahana : Game Designer