Lion Quest

Take Jethro the Lion on a magical journey, traversing space and time to prevent the imminent collapse of the universe. Oh and your friend Ronald the Bear is missing, maybe you can find him whilst you’re out exploring? Discover a huge world and enjoy an adventure that blends together retro platforming fun with a mix of 2D + 3D mechanics and a modern design aesthetic.

Lion Quest includes the following cool features

  • A 3D world navigated in 2D – Interact with the environment in new and unexpected ways, with huge collapsing structures adding an additional dimension to navigational puzzles

  • Zen and the Art of Mind Control – Use the power of your mind to control falling objects, or stop them dead in their tracks to create pathways and access new areas

  • New friends to discover – Solve puzzles and make friends as you meet other animals, controlling several at a time to progress through levels

  • Nine animals to play as – Unlock new characters by completing goals or spending coins (collected in-game) at the Lion Quest gift shop. Each character has its own stats and special abilities, which can dramatically change the way the game is played

  • Play with or against friends in local multiplayer – Take on the Lion Quest adventure with a friend in 2 player co-op, or play competitively with up to four players across fifteen maps in Lion Quest VS.

  • Pure platforming – Enjoy exploring with precise controls, plenty of challenge, and handcrafted levels with branching paths

  • Lion Quest Arcade – Play through 50 arcade stages that combine all-new levels with remixed content from the main game

  • Zen sounds – Enjoy an ambient soundtrack designed to increase concentration and relaxation