Literally Short on Time | Xbox 360

Literally Short on Time
Xbox 360

Made for Godot Wild Jam #16: Short on Time

The idea behind this game is that the player literally gets shorter as time is running out; thus, Short on Time. With that mechanic I made a simple puzzle game.

Controls (explained in the game itself):

WSAD (or arrow keys): Move/Jump

Q: Accelerate time depletion

E: Use time reserve

I confess -- I completely rushed this game. Only three levels were made for the purpose of the jam, and all of them are so basic and simple. I'm pretty sure on more capable hands this concept can be explored more thoroughly; but unfortunately this is the first time I have ever made a puzzle game; I don't know how to design a level for a puzzle game (^.^;

While this jam ends on Sunday, I have another game jam to join on Saturday, and that jam ends more or less on the same day this jam does; so I have only until Friday pretty much to submit something to this jam -- so yeah... this game is VERY rushed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short, simple game.