Lost Treasure (captain_breadbeard) | Xbox 360

Lost Treasure (captain_breadbeard)
Xbox 360


The dreaded Captain Breadbeard (no relation) has lost all his booty! He needs you to sail out and recover it for him. Now, he's got a schedule to keep. So the faster you collect it all, the more he'll let you keep as a bounty.

[A] and [D] keys steer the ship
[W] speeds up, [S] slows down
[P] pauses the game

The compass on the bottom right points the way to the closest treasure chest to your current position.

Notes: The ship is pretty clumsy to handle. I apologize, but it's intentional. Crashing into the shore should in theory reset your speed to 0. There are some graphical bugs that I didn't have time to iron out.


Some things I'd love to add, but didn't have time:
-Fix graphical glitches
-Enemy ships and naval combat
-Wind direction
-Animated boat/sails
-Improved graphics all around
-Diverse islands
-Getting out of the boat and walking around
-Larger map
-Physics at all