Lot'n'Drop | Xbox One

Xbox One

"WARNING: This Game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised."

This is Lot'n'Drop its a puzzle game made for NOKIA 3310 JAM 2 due to starting late i only could spend 3 days on it in that time ive built a full level editor (yes you can make your own levels in this game) test them in a Mario maker inspirited interface. with 7 tiles that all interact with your player, a magic Rumber. 

Level files are located in:
if you make a level you like to share just send over the ".sab" file to your friends.




Edit Mode:


Play Mode:



The Goal of the game is to get to the exit (the Checker board tile), to open the exit tiles one has to pick up every coin in the level.

Moveing blocks:

Sometimes things are not always as easy as going from A to B in this world. So lets try something more interesting...Moving these walls around. 

On your top left (in play mode) you will see a battery this is your charge. To get more charge you need to collect the battery's you may find in the level.

But "what does one do with this charge?" I hear you ask, the answer is simple, you can use the charge to move one wall to another.  To do this go up to a wall and press USE/FIRE now you can see a little box is around it, this box means you have it selected. Now for the fun part go anywhere else (as long as no item/wall in the way) and press fire again and watch the wall fly up into the air and land where you asked it oh so kindly to go. But be careful now doing this costs one charge, when you have no charge you can no-longer move wall tiles so be careful with your enegy.


  • Sometimes you come across holes that little old rumba you cant get past, unless you have a spare block which you can put down the hole filling it up allowing you to freely go across it just like any other floor tile.

TODO - add editor help

Change Log:

BugFix v0001 : I have bug fix that fixes the massive loading error that made the first version of the game unplayable,  if you played a build of this game that you could not load a level re-download it and it should be okay. Keep in mind that its the only thing that was changed in the patch everything else was made in the 3 days.