love love love | Xbox One

love love love
Xbox One

Game introduction

This is a fun and relaxing casual game.
You need to use the mouse to control the tank to move on the screen. The place where the tank passes will erase the black map and the progress of erasing can be completed when the clearance condition is met.
After completing the level, the girl will be exposed to the air for you to watch. If the red tank that appears is defeated, then...
In the game, you need some strategic moves to eliminate the shady, while avoiding chase, so you need to be good at tempting the enemy's tank to chase you, and then use a safe route to clean up the black map that has not been deleted.

Game features
Beautiful girl pictures of different styles (cute nurse, sexy flower fairy, charming female teacher, etc.)
Independent dubbing for each character
Unique gameplay

Join us for this beautiful exploration journey!