Xbox One

Lumberhill is an action multiplayer co-op game for PC, PS4 and XBox One. Players can play with their friends locally or online and create a team of up to 4 lumberjacks. While working side by side, players as a team need to cut down trees and take care of friendly animals while facing the forces of nature. Each world brings new mechanics and animals to the game. Not only tasks and resources change, but also difficulties that players need to face. Everything happens on carefully crafted levels to bring challenge and joy to every player.

Every action causes a reaction, and in the Lumberhill reaction is equal to chaos. To complete tasks, the player needs to face fleeing herds of sheep, burning trees, and from time to time angry charging rams. The squad of brave lumberjacks must stop the chaos, gather sheep and extinguish the fire. But do not lose your head yet. Get ready for exploding volcanoes, dangerous sharks, wild goats and alpacas flying through space.

If you want to show others how to do their job, you and your friend can face opponents in 2v2 versus mode. By completing challenges and beating score records you can obtain new characters to assemble your own lumberjack squad. Lumberhill is dedicated to everyone, no matter if you like to roam around the levels or speedrun the whole game.