Lumberjack Simulator
Xbox One

The ultimate forestry and logging simulator game is hereExperience next level of simulation, including life-like tree models and physics behaviour that mimics each detail. Cut the tree trunk in precise place and take down branches with the hand axe. Sell the logs in the mill and earn cash for your investments: machines, forest lots and upgrades.

Play in open world with realistic physics and drive specialised forestry vehiclesVehicles include popular machines in the logging industry. Each truck has realistic articulation, suspension, gears and transmission. Control the differential settings as you drive across challenging terrain and mud.

Terrain is difficult with lots of driving off-road and fighting the nature
Maps are made to be realistic and difficult, with constant slopes and varying surfaces, you can get stuck in the mud or fall down the cliffs. You will be struggling to make your way as you try to get logs to their destination, and keep the truck in one piece.

Play in first person and handle chainsaw and axe like a pro
Players can enter and exit vehicles at any time, and use hand tools like chainsaw and axe to clear the way or take the trees down. There is no teleport so you need to plan ahead how to get to destination and what to bring along.