Lumines Electronic Symphony
PS Vita

The king of music-puzzle games returns with its first new installment in over 5 years. Lumines™ Electronic Symphony marks the return of Q Entertainment’s landmark puzzle series, bringing together addictive puzzle action, new 3D graphics engine, and significant names in electronic music history.

Key Features
• New block mechanics give players additional strategic options. Clear huge block combos using the powerful Chain Block, or learn the powers of the Shuffle Block.
• Star-studded musical line-up featuring the brightest names in electronic music as well as original tracks composed by Q Entertainment.
• All-new EXP system that rewards player effort by providing an in-depth player profile, deep stat tracking and more.
• Social experience: How do you stack up against your friends? Whether you’re a new Lumines™ player or a veteran of the series, the new social features will encourage you to play just “one more game.” Another level, another rank, or another reward is within reach.

Some functions and features may not be available on PlayStation TV.

1-2 player(s)
721KB Minimum

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