luminous corridor 0 | Xbox One

luminous corridor 0
Xbox One

the psi crystals have been stolen. a pall of evil hangs over the realm.

use your powerful psionic powers and rippling muscles to reclaim the CRYSTALS.


guide your character through endless waves of monsters in this finely balanced twin stick shooter. this new entry in the series features: 

  • local two player coop
  • all new sound
  • completely retuned monster behavior and ecology
  • numerous new monster types (twice as many as before!) including the exploding SEEKER, the territorial TURRET, and the dreaded EATER
  • a complete graphic overhaul! new visual effects including true indexed color and color cycling
  • new cellular automata, with improved collision + interaction
  • new accessibility features including reduced flicker and reduced color cycling, each of which can be individually enabled


by loren schmidt, with sound by everest pipkin