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LV13 Puzzle - Games
Xbox One

GUMTOD_Studio The LV13 puzzle game challenges you to find a total of 13 puzzle games.

 There are 13 puzzles for you to overcome. While you are playing and winning puzzles from 1 to 12 (Select on each image sheet at front), you will find that the picture puzzle in each image sheet has changed, so if you want to win all 13 puzzle games of LV13, you will have to solve the final puzzle (13th puzzle) by completing the picture in the image sheets.

The game consists of math brain teasers, matching games, problem solving games. All of which are game that can be played for over 4 years. 

Puzzle Game features:
1. Not easy, but a fun game. The LV13 game is an indie drawing style puzzle game.
2. The game is fun because it requires observation, trial and error in order to solve problems. When players cannot pass, they can play again at the same level or change to a new level.
When players play all 12 levels, they will understand the hidden picture puzzle and win the game.
3. LV13 is an indie game art.
4. Players can start playing puzzle games without having to sort.

And a puzzle game with a total of 13 questions, allowing you to enjoy finding a solution. Challenge you to try.

When you win the puzzle game, you will find that the image is complete. If you win, don't forget to send that image to us. Send to social channels below or at 

[email protected]

These puzzle games are interlinked, so you try to find the answer. It will be a lot more fun.

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