Xbox One

OVERVIEWThe main purpose of this game is showing and watching machines made out of blocks.
Some of the game-modes allow you to battle or race against other players. (testing phase)
You can create your original machine with ease by reassembling those machines that are distributed,
or by using the automatic control block.CRAFTBy using plastic chassis and functional parts, you can make a variety of shapes and movements,
such as standard machines(cars, bikes, tanks, airplanes, helicopters, ships), as well as
unique machines (transformation-robots, arm-cranes, animals, plants, meals).
Additionally, you can place boxes of any size to make a simple stage.MULTIPLAYYou have the freedom to make a room and set the rules as you want, and maximum of 30 people can join.
Currently lounging around is the mainstream, but I am aiming at enhanced competition in the future.
My goal is to make this game into a place where people can feel free to make their room in their own rules without serious conflict.