Mafia Gambling | Xbox One

Mafia Gambling
Xbox One

Welcome to the Criminal Town full of gangsters and mafioso. Test your luck in dangerous mafia Blackjack tournament also known as twenty-one, which is one of the most popular casino games around the world.

The violence came back on the streets of town. And you are the one of criminals. The heads of criminal organizations spend all their time in casinos. Your target is to beat them not with your gun, but but at the card table.

Blackjack is a card game where you have to play against the criminals.

Rules are not difficult:
Choose the character and then you should accumulate the cards with total points as close to 21 as possible but no more.
You'll get two initial cards and you have to decide whether you want to "hit" (take one more card) or »stand" (take no more cards). You have to earn a victory in all locations and win the jackpot to become the most dangerous criminal in the town.