Manchester Airport Simulator | Xbox One

Manchester Airport Simulator
Xbox One

Do you want to be an Airport Security Guard?
Are you passionate about protecting our borders? Would your life be completed by giving people access to Manchester?

Manchester Airport Simulator is a game about defending the world's greatest, and most under-construction, airport. Take the role of a security checkpoint officer as you scan, examine, and accept or deny the borders of our fair city to safety.

Be wary of fake passports, however, as many people want to enter Manchester illegally. We're not sure if it's the tourism or the organ black market, but it's your job to stop them. They'll do anything to get through; change their names, their birth dates, falsify passports, fabricate Visas, and more.

So join the Manchester Airport Security team today and help defend our borders from foreig...  People trying to enter the country under false pretenses.