Manic Space Bot Repair | Xbox One

Manic Space Bot Repair
Xbox One

You go around and repair the robots and they repair your dying spaceship. Memorize the blueprints and collect the parts. Be careful not to miss any key components!

Your ship is slowly falling apart and you need to fix the ship's components using the bots on hand. Unfortunately, the bots are broken too and you need to reprogram them using the parts laying around.

Fortunately, each ship component comes with a diagram of what parts are needed to get the robot to fix that component of the ship.

Made as part of Global Game Jam 2020 (woo Sacramento!)

Global Game Jam entry link:

Source code:


David Newel - Programmer / Disaster Artist

Al Bueche - Programmer

Lon Porter - Programmer

Quin Imeson - 3D Artist

Christian Albiar - Sound Design

Natalia Chess - 2D Artist


WASD - Move
Shift - Move faster
Space - Jump
Left Mouse / Control - Pick up scraps on the floor, open robot panel (from behind the robot's back)

Esc - Quits the game

You can access the robot's internal chipset via the dark panel on its back. Some robots will try to make this difficult for you to do.