Marble Marcher JJ | Xbox One

Marble Marcher JJ
Xbox One

is Fractal Art Game With elements of Puzzles and Speed-Running MarbleMarcher JJ is Extend, ReMade Java Version of MarbleMarcher by CodeParade Min Sys Requirements: GPU from Year 2006+ Win x32 (Win XP) Game Use Java 1.6 - if you can Run old versions of Minecraft then you already have JAVA Version 0.6a: Lvl Editor Upgrade Physics Rework Shader - more Fps Version 0.5a: Java Port - As close to original as possible smoother fps - playable even on 20 fps add resolution / graphics settings lvls unlocked from start Gui arrow changed win 32(x86) support Game Almost OpenSource - clean src inside Java Files Lvls Editor Info: Lvls is loaded from a Text file [Copy Buffer] button - to copy Current lvl to Text Buffer or Ctrl-C after that paste the text data into the Text file as plain text (Ctrl-V) To play lvls in File - just select a file from the lvls menu