Marvel's Spider-Man - The Heist

Soon after the events of the main game, the Maggia crime families are looking to fill the void in the criminal underworld after Wilson Fisk's capture and the fall of Mister Negative. MJ informs Peter that one of the bosses is looking to steal a painting that is being displayed in a museum. There, he encounters Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, who steals a USB drive hidden within the painting and escapes. Watson later informs Peter that the Maggia family led by Hammerhead now has the drive, implying that Felicia is working for them. Hardy continues to gather other USB drives from the other Maggia families as Spider-Man follows her. After catching up to her, she reveals that Hammerhead is holding her son hostage. Believing himself to be the father, Peter agrees to help Felicia rescue the boy. Meanwhile, MJ learns that the drives contain the Maggia families' collective fortune. She also learns that Hammerhead has recently purchased a large impregnable vault that could be used to hold Felicia's son, and informs Peter. He and Felicia storm the warehouse where it is being kept, but Felicia traps Spider-Man inside, and reveals that she lied about having a son to convince him into helping her steal the drives before making her escape. After escaping, Spider-Man races after Felicia, having overheard Hammerhead ordering his minions to rig Felicia's penthouse to explode after she arrives. He arrives too late and sees Felicia engulfed by the explosion, but MJ later tells him that her body wasn't found among the wreckage, implying that Felicia may still be alive.