Maybe Drinking. Russian Style
Xbox One

In MDRS, you must show all of your skill in secretive drinking in public places.
You will do it in completely different and unexpected places, for example, in a regular park

Or in a cultural place like a theater

Maybe you want to get drunk on the Red Square

But don't think that everything will be so easy, in each location you will be waiting for absolutely unexpected difficulties, how many problems you can get from a simple policeman(you don't even know), and I'm not talking about cameras, snipers, living pictures and other interesting obstacles that you will face on your way.

  • 6 locations, and each with its own gameplay
  • 20 achievements
  • Vodka, vodka and many more vodka
  • Favorite Russian stereotypes

Buy it right now, and get an imaginary bottle of vodka as a gift!

Good luck!