Me - A Pixel Game
Xbox One

Me - A Pixel Game (Alpha Tester)
If you want to Became a Alpha Tester of my Game, Just download and comment if you Done testing Get this Game and you Will be Come Certified Alpha Tester.
Q : What are the Benifits of became a Alpha Tester?
A : You Help me to Make It Stable, To Support this Game and You May Chance to Write your name on the Menu>About>Alpha Tester
Warning : If you want to Became a Alpha Tester. You must to Follow my rules.
- Don't Spread the Game without my Permission
- Don't Spoiler the Scene or Content
- You must Report me Immediately if Have a Bugs
- Having a Wrong Grammar, Report it Immediately
Game Description : (Updated 11/18/19)
Ian Has Birthday Today and Nathan want's to Celebrate Ian's Birthday Because all of his Birthday are not Celebrated. But Ian Feel Something Wrong on his Occasion. You, Ian, And Nathan will Start On Journey. Find the Truth, Passed Mini-Ganes, and More.
Me and You will Help to Reach Ian to ¿~^¿~^¡¿~^
And Nathan will No Longer ¿~^^¦<^¿
And They Lived Happily ever After If the Journey End.
For more Information Just PM me or Visit this Account
Directed by : John Carlo Dev and ThatJohnCarlo Copyright @2019
Script by : John Carlo Lomocho an Individual Developer