Mediepolys - Knight Arena | Xbox One

Mediepolys - Knight Arena
Xbox One

Hi Medielers!

I am very excited about making this technical demo public to the world! I have a lot of ideas for this project and I hope you will join with me on this long journey until the final game is completed.

Please, take the following considerations in count before playing:

  • This is a technical demo, it means that it could be some bugs when playing, so sorry for that… Will try to fix as soon as you report to [email protected]
  • It is under development which means that everything you see could be completely different in the next version.
  • Your feedback is very important to me. The things you don’t like can make this game better for you and more people, so if you wish to help me, you can answer this questionary
  • This demo means a lot to me, it gives me the knowledge I need for implementing features for the final game.

How to play:

WASD – Move the player in the direction of the keys

Shift – Run

Ctrl – Entering/Leaving battle mode

Spacebar – Dash in battle mode (While dashing you do not recieve damange from anywhere)

E – Pick up/drop weapons

F – Throw weapon to the mouse point direction

X – Alternate between walk and run

C – Crouch, but not functional

LMB – Attack when in combat mode

MMB – While pressing it moves the camera to the direction of mouse x-axis

RMB – Defense

ESC – Pause the game

While pausing:  Q – exit the game  R – restart the game

Goal: Survive as much as possible

Your floodies are being consumed along time, in order to recover a little bit of them, kill enemies to eat their floodies.