Xbox One

* game plot *

In the future, human science will continue to develop, and mankind has mastered the arcane knowledge including magic. But a full-scale nuclear war has almost destroyed the civilization of the earth. Nuclear pollution is more serious is that human beings cannot survive, in order to war again and the continuation of human, people destroyed almost all of the weapons, down buried contaminated buildings, and other items. People began to have faith, to build temples, to sleep, and to sleep through the long nuclear winter, and to continue civilization... No human activities after some years, world by forest hug, lush flowers and plants, but by contamination of animals just terrible, they began to attack the dormancy of human, people have wake up from hibernation... When the main character wakes up, his child wakes up early and is moved to a safe haven. In order to find the lost child, the protagonist goes on a dangerous journey alone, to find his own children, to meet his family...
Leading role after an encounter with a partner, for the sake of their children's education to the blizzard entertainment city, where for the sake of human hope and our children's future, they become the hunter, to destroy the terrible monster in the forest, to save more people...

* game features *
Single-player role playing survival games, open world, sandbox game. The game data resources are relatively small compared to the same kind of products, but the picture of the game is relatively volume but very delicate. Since new research engine supports large terrain, the scene is very unique, the graphics in green will advocate tone, like the motion of the grass, wild geese flew over the sky, the water bubbles, the alternation of day and night, dynamic lighting, etc... All of the copies of the game are in a very large map, the game hero integration warrior and mage two classes, the far work and the near skill skill to join. In addition, players can manipulate both male and female roles, and the equipment of the two roles can be Shared.

* game play*
The main character of the game in the small home of 5211314(including himself and his partner, 5 rabbits, 2 mounts of the fighting force). There are six skills in the game (including melee and ranged attack, target and range, defense and attack, blood return, etc.), and you can look for skills to improve your skill level. The game can collect a variety of items, and then look for a designer to upgrade their equipment to build the reinforcement. You can also pick carrots and so on, to feed your five rabbits, and to increase their fighting power. There are eight different levels and holes in the game, which can be used daily to brush the equipment, and there is an 18-story hell cave waiting for everyone to pass through. There are 31 abnormal heterosexual relationships in the scene, waiting for everyone to find out and yell out...