Meow Go
Xbox One

Meow is too naughty!

This is a cat Parkour Game.

Because of little sister's careless ,Meow take off the thread of her clothes!

Meow run in the downtown streets, farther and farther.

You're going to play this naughty meow, and what's going to happen to the end?!

[ Main operation ]

● Mouse left or space key: Jump

[ Main gameplay ]

● Jump over obstacles in the scene and get to the finish line.**

● Obstacle:You have to jump over these obstacles. Don't try to past obstacle rudely, never succeeded.

● Little bird, puppy: You can hit them off the road,for they are smaller.But you have to be careful about a flock of birds and puppy father.

● Little sister: The little sister in the upper left corner shows the progress of pulling the sweater head constantly.

● fantasy mode: Countless sisters.

Let the meow run!